We Care

All the process follows GOTS needs.

Our product is made of dreams, passion, handcraft expertise of talented people. Our scarfs are 100% organic silk. Our design is transferred, from a creative mind to the fabric, thanks to traditional printing technics. Then the fruit of our love and dedication is finishing by hand and put in a luxurious box ready to reach the soul of our customers. 

Damned Heaven’s journey towards sustainability begins as an evidence from the very beginning. It is a path encouraged by a new generation concerned about the future of our planet and everything that she contains.

Our pieces are produced in small quantity by a family company in an ethical way. That allows us to offer a very exclusive product and to avoid overproduction.
Each foulard is unique and are made to last. They are numbered and passed by several handmade steps. Sustainable certified foulard, 100% made in Italy with a unique design.