Our tale

Damned Heaven is a young brand, based on creative freedom. It is specialized in handmade prints on certified silk, that represents the dream of an artist and the wish to spread some magic around the world.

It is inspired by religions, sciences, tales, paradoxes, as well as, myths and legends.

The company is Italian with a “French touch”. All our production is traceable and made in Como, Italy, by a family company in a sustainable way and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

Why Damned Heaven

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Our logo

It represents the door of the Garden of Eden with the contrast between two strong symbols; blessed & cursed. ✨

Our Values

Innovation 💫


Quality ✨

Passion 🔥

Sustainability 🌿


A constant drive to improve, not only in technology but also in our mind-set and the way we create, always searching new ways to reduce more and more our footprint.


The company’s DNA is unique and unforgettable. A blend of sensitivity, elegance, tradition, history, bizarre, marvellous and enchantment.


This will always be a priority, enabling us to achieve and maintain excellent standards of quality.


The key to realize extraordinary projects.


More than a mission, a duty to achieve the best version of our product, interpreting and paying tribute to the beauty of our planet.